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haomei aluminum Teach you to choose high quality aluminum pl

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teach you to choose high quality aluminum plate

Now the domestic aluminum industry is booming, many manufacturers of aluminum, aluminum and their variety, but the quality is uneven, aluminum dragons and fishes jumbled together. How in the dazzling aluminum products, a superb collection of beautiful things in the selection of good quality, cost-effective? Here are a few simple steps to simply introduce:

First, look at the outer packing of the aluminum sheet. Good packaging not only shows the strength of aluminum manufacturers, willing to spend a large price to pay on the product packaging, but also show that manufacturers are more emphasis on product protection. Also shows that manufacturers of aluminum production management is in place.

Second, look at the surface of the aluminum sheet. Good aluminum, surface roller, black spots, scratches, grease, corrosion, fission and other defects; flat plate, no bending sheet aluminum; diagonal consistent; the whole plate neatly, each plate length and width consistent. Such as surface clad aluminum protective film, protective film will be opened, at least to see the entire width of the surface, avoid defective cover.

Third, measured with micrometer, vernier caliper, meter measuring tools. According to the demand, select the products provided by the manufacturers to evaluate. According to the measurement of the size of the number of different measurement tools, the thickness of the aluminum plate, width, length, roughness, diagonal and other products for measurement, the specific size deviation can refer to GB/T 3880. 1-2006. Each measurement at least three points to measure, measure the size of the aluminum plate or the error is uniform, whether it is in the national standard.

Fourth, the requirements of the aluminum plate manufacturers to provide a single sheet of material. Good manufacturers will be on each batch of aluminum plate components, performance and other aspects of the test. Aluminum manufacturers to provide a single material, see the material single product composition, performance is controlled within the scope of the national standard, the specific value can refer to 3880-2006 GB/T. And must pay attention to the material must be stamped with the official seal of the manufacturer. If there is a problem in the use of aluminum sheet, the material can be used as a basis for the detection of aluminum, and the quality of the factory as a objection.

Simple to introduce more than four steps in the hope that we can provide help in the purchase of aluminum, but it is recommended that you choose the regular production of aluminum plate manufacturers. Processing and sales of Haomei aluminum thirty years dedicated to the aluminum plate, the spirit of "faith-based, advantage management" business philosophy of sales of aluminum, if you are interested, we may like to inquire, we will serve wholeheartedly for you.