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haomei aluminium Corporation is a leader in aluminium foil m

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haomei aluminium Corporation is a leader in aluminium foil manufacturing, our aluminum foil plant has 18 foil mills equipped with flatness control system from Siemens and guage control system from Honeywell . We have 19 continuous casting lines, 6 cold mills ,18 aluminum foil mills, 40 cutting/slitting/separating lines, 3 tension levelers, 15 coating lines, 10 anodizing lines, 3 oil coating lines, more than 70 annealing furnaces and other equipments. The main production and testing equipments are made in Japan, Germany , America and Italy . Shanghai Metal Corporation apply the most advanced technology in our manufacturing process and implement the best quality control system to assure customer satisfaction on our products, the total capacity up to 500,000 MT.

Applications of Aluminum Foil:

1) Aluminum foil for soft package

2) Air conditioners aluminum foil

3) Household aluminum foil

4) Aluminum foil container

5) Aluminum foil adhesive tape

6) Aluminum foil roll(Aluminum foil wrap)

7) Aluminum foil paper

8) Beer mark foil

9) Cable shielding aluminum foil

10)Aluminum foil for bottle caps

11)Aluminum foil bag

12)Cigarette packaging

13)Pharmaceutical aluminum foil

14)Vacuum-packed bag

15)Tea Light Cup