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aluminum alloy for yacht material manufacutuers and supplier

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Yacht is high-end durable goods for maritime entertainment. At present, aluminum and glass fiber is the yacht production of the most commonly used materials, two materials have their own characteristics; compared with each other, which material will be more advantages? 
Aluminum alloy ships have a much longer service life than glass fiber ships. Due to the short life of the glass fiber boat, you can’t determine whether the internal structure is damaged or not only from the appearance, and even some developed countries have age restrictions for the import of glass fiber vessels, but aluminum alloy ship hasn’t such restrictions.

Aluminum alloy ships save more maintenance costs. will be oxidized to form a layer of hard protective film, this feature allows aluminum alloy ship with a certain degree of self-repair capacity, the general scratch does not bring great damage to the surface, and aluminum hull spray paint is beautiful features. In contrast, glass fiber boat is very delicate. Aluminum alloy hull is lighter, saving navigation costs, in the same size and structural strength, the weight of aluminum alloy ships is half as much as the glass fiber boat in the weight. The lighter hull also makes aluminum alloy more fuel efficient, maneuverability and handling Is relatively good, while the glass fiber boat wins more stable.
Aluminum alloy ships are more environmentally friendly. Aluminum alloy has mush higher recovery rate; and glass fiber cannot be recycled, must be handled by hand, the general treatment methods are buried with rubbish or crushed into powder to join the asphalt on the ground. And aluminum alloy ship is generally less depreciation in the second-hand market, the market condition is better than that of glass fiber ship.
All of these clearly showed the aluminum alloy material have great advantages over glass fiber in the yacht. 5xxx alloy and 6xxx alloy metal grade alloy are internationally recognized and widely used. Haomei Aluminum production of 5083 aluminum, 5086 aluminum plate through the DNV GL certification, the company in the aluminum plate production equipment and technical advantages, the company will open up a broader market prospects, the formation of new profit growth point.