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Widely application of Haomei aluminum foil manufacutuers an

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is made of aluminum foil after the composite material, uses a wide range. Such as aviation food packaging, cigarette packaging, etc., depending on the application, can be divided into more than 20 categories. China's l accounted for one-third of the total domestic demand, and more than 10% of developed countries there is still a big gap. With the technical level and progress and the promotion of national consumption, aluminum foil packaging materials market is very broad.

Aluminum foil is a special paper category, according to the different surface, also divided into several different types. Such as laminated aluminum foil paper, bright silver foil paper, Asian silver foil paper, Asian gold foil and so on. In the cigarette paper materials, in order to enhance the brand and security needs, cigarette enterprises will use high-quality aluminum foil for interior packaging, the use of high-quality aluminum foil materials, exquisite graphic printing, aluminum foil packaging into the fine development of the direction.
China's aluminum foil production began in 1932, after the reform and opening up to accelerate development. Since this century, in the market demand for a strong stimulus, the aluminum foil industry increased rapidly. At present, hundreds of in China, and actively promote the development of China's aluminum foil industry, such as Henan Province, Haomei Aluminum, Wanda Aluminum, aluminum foil packaging materials to win high-quality, renowned in the country, at home and abroad Home large-scale aluminum foil paper enterprises to maintain a long-term friendly cooperation.
With the upgrading of China's spending power and consumer products, aluminum foil will also usher in greater opportunities for development, China's aluminum enterprises should also increase the quality of aluminum foil market development, so that China's aluminum foil services global market.