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What's with the aluminum foil (2) : insulation flame retarda

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What's with the aluminum foil (2) : insulation flame retardant screen signals
Finish foil practical and luxuriant life, we learned about the aluminum foil tender tender one side, the aluminum foil was in fact a versatile strange, this aluminum foil together the multifaceted joon is how the multivariant avatar: it is an excellent conductors, can be used to make the heat exchange of air conditioning, it is also good insulators, heat can be used to make thermal insulation material, can also be used as thermal insulation blanket in construction, to achieve heat preservation in winter, summer heat insulation effect is most striking. Fierce!
Joke joke, but the aluminum foil the "Charlie", indeed with insulation, flame retardant, signal properties, such as in the field of electrical appliances, electric power system, building, and other aspects play a vital role.
1, air-conditioning foil
Air conditioner foil, which make use of the aluminum foil characteristics of small density, good thermal conductivity, aluminium and this stuff is easy to process, so is a good material for air conditioning heat exchanger fin heat conduction material.
At first, for technology reason, only the heat transfer in the air conditioning in initial stage of the uncoated aluminum foil, aluminum foil after annealing of rolling in the factory, without any processing is used to direct production in hot strip, performance is poor, and there are a lot of inconvenience. Until later, technical innovation, people began to coating processing.
After coating, or wear a coat, aluminum foil of air conditioning, suddenly have all sorts of magic, like spiderman once put on spiders, batman once put on the bats, becomes magical powers. Air-conditioning foil is such, apply to the above coatings such as corrosion resistant coatings, lubricity coating, prevent mildew coatings, such as ordinary aluminum foil to happen a qualitative leap, met many problems, solve the air-conditioning foil.
Air-conditioning foil the thing has a very strange feature: a hydrophilic foil, with a strong hydrophilicity, condensed water once meet with hydrophilic foil surface, it will soon spread quickly, there is no opportunity to gather together to form water. Also called a hydrophobic foil, nature contrary with hydrophilic foil, rejection of it of condensation water is strong, let the condensate can not spread out, loud gurgling under rolling aluminium foil. Although this pair of inherent nature of the "enemy" exactly the opposite, but they have the effect is the same, the purpose is to let the condensate in the air conditioning unity hurry away or get condensate scarper penetrate, prevent usurpation of heat transfer surface by condensed water territory.
Because of different areas such as climate, air quality, air conditioning condition will happen very big change, like many poor areas will have corrosion effects on ordinary aluminium foil, once the aluminium foil is not supposed to protect, will greatly reduce the service life of it. However, in the aluminium foil surface is coated with a layer of corrosion protection layer, the service life of air conditioning is also improved. Not only that, because the aluminum foil heat transfer on corrosion powder to obtain the very good inhibition, inside the air-conditioning ventilation quality also had the very big improvement, in the indoor air is also become more clean and pure and fresh.
Clean and pure and fresh air who don't like? In fact, any things for a long time will be worried about the possibility of mildew occurred, air conditioning is not exceptional also, and moisture in the air conditioning, is relatively easy to mildew will happen. In order to prevent mildew in air conditioner foil, do not have abnormal mildew, continue to guarantee the quality of the air out of the air conditioning, people and figure out a way, to the aluminum foil coated with mildew prevent above coating, and he was born with mildew aluminum foil heat transfer.
See so many different coating aluminum foil heat transfer, don't just a collection of all coating function in the integration of the heat transfer piece? Or like seven gourd Eva, the function is too single, only one was caught by snake essence design. Don't worry, of course, are now used in most of the air conditioning is a kind of "king kong gourd dolls," with integrated functions, hydrophilic foil, it also has antiseptic and prevent mould, no smell of function, prevent air conditioning oxide powder out of the air conditioning blows directly affect human body health, and condensed water automatically evenly distributed in the coatings, won't cause water accumulation is affect the heat transfer of air conditioning cooling, can help to improve the air conditioning heat exchange rate was 5%.
2, aluminum foil tape,
Aluminum foil tape
Aluminum foil tape can do? Pardon, haven't eaten pork always seen a pig run, that's right, aluminum foil tape will grow with common ordinary wide cellophane tape similar to our life.
Aluminum foil tape, it is mainly used for shielding performance of electromagnetic signals, because it is widely used in PDA, handheld computers, now it is rare), laptops, LCD monitors and other electronic products demand electromagnetic shielding. Electromagnetic interference shielding, not only to the electronic transmission signal has played a very good effect, and also isolates the electromagnetic waves produce harm to human body health. Aluminum foil tape is so so, in fact always accompany around all around us, but we can't see it. Well, it's a "health guard of the stealth, praise a!
Just like ordinary cellophane tape, aluminum foil tape meet with high or low temperatures will also deformation softening become stick to something, then the magic of the people came up with a way to again, invented the low temperature aluminum foil tape. This tape weathering good, also more resistant to low temperature, under the complex climate, especially under the condition of low temperature can still maintain excellent performance, quality, shape remains unchanged, viscosity and adhesive force is kept. Mother don't have to worry about cold paste work!
Low temperature, the first thought is the refrigerators and freezers, by the way, good low temperature resistance of aluminum foil tape in refrigerators, freezers and other household appliances metal fixed played an amazing role above, in addition, it also applies to all the seams of the aluminum foil composite paste, and water vapor airtight insulation wool board and duct.
In addition, there is a kind of composite material of aluminum foil tape, fire retardant ability strong. This tape is used the unique and advanced technology, consists of aluminum foil glass fiber cloth, silicone isolation of paper, then use high performance coating viscous force strong flame retardant acrylic adhesive, and is commonly used for air conditioning engineering duct system, adiabatic, fire prevention insulation stud hole sealing.
3, coated carbon aluminum foil
In fact, the metal aluminum conductive performance is very good, but the magic of the masses of the people is always trying to get things perfectly, so the coated carbon foil was born.
Coated carbon foil is refers to the nano conductive graphite and carbon coated particles, fine and uniform coating on the aluminum foil, aluminum foil on the "appearance", it can collect micro electric current of active material, greatly reduce is negative, the resistance between the static conductivity to the limit. Actually, see the "nano" two characters, there is no doubt to be sure, the carbon coating aluminum foil is an advanced technology innovation breakthrough, let the battery are more likely to save, less power loss and significantly improve the overall performance of the battery.
4, cable foil
About aluminum foil tape, cable foil is mainly use the function of aluminum foil shielding of electromagnetic signals and sealing performance.
General requirements for cable foil, it is not very high, the surface of the oil quantity is little, no holes, only on one side or two sides Shanghai juji aluminum foil plastic film, can be used as the shield of the cable.
The only one high standard high demand is: length must strictly conform to the rules. Aluminum foil after continuous casting and rolling, cold rolling, cutting after full annealing, according to customer demand for aluminum foil length, aluminum foil split into small volume. Such a small volume to cable foil composite plant for processing, to add plastic film on the aluminum foil, and then again to break up, rolled plate, supply cable factory.
5, decorative foil
What is a gorgeous? What is a gorgeous? What is the royal style? We take a look at the tall decorative foil.
Barbecue foil, aluminum foil can be used as the most civilians as hardy corrosion resistance of the air conditioner foil, now the "Charlie" has become so large decorative foil.
Why decorative foil so beautiful, so popular? Because of superior aluminum foil color performance and emissions characteristics of the high reflectivity. Gift box packaging, building and furniture decoration materials of many of them are decorated with the foil, especially the inner wall of the building, indoor furniture and appearance of decoration, more extensive application. In addition, the aluminum foil tonal slant silvery white, give a kind of elegant, noble, and free from vulgarity. In recent years, the aluminum foil craft painting also gradually become the latest must-haves in the interior decoration
Foil appearance not only decorative, but also internal performance is very good also. It heat insulation, moisture-proof, sound insulation and fire prevention is easy washing, inside + outside is all of the goddess!
Finally, let's look at an interesting little case on the aluminum foil:
If you ever accidentally bumps is broken teeth, also underwent dental surgery to repair, the mouth is the doctor into metal what ah, fillings, crowns of what, for example, then you have to take note. To (well, in fact, real life is not so critical of oh, ha ha), don't use teeth to bite cable foil or aluminum foil, because of the bite, the teeth and the mouth feel a cow hemp pain!
Why...... Blame the aluminum foil.
Because you are in your mouth or teeth doctor attached to a metal, rich gold, have no money with silver, aluminum foil is a different kind of metal, and your mouth is full of saliva contains salt, so here are formed a battery. The battery! Yes, batteries, an electric current through the nerve endings of your teeth, don't stimulate you say? Don't acid acid bright?
Specific process: teeth down in an instant, the mouth of two dissimilar metals, in the wet, lubrication, is full of salt in saliva realized sufficiently large area of contact; Because of two different pieces of metal electric potential difference, so the electrons from the aluminum foil began to run to the teeth, it formed a current; Then, the current quickly stimulate the nerve root.