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What is the aluminum plate and the aluminum composite board?

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What is the aluminum plate and the aluminum composite board?

Aluminum plate and composite plate is two kinds of new materials in recent years is quite popular, because the two materials have many similar, so many of my friends would confuse the two, mistaken for a product. What is the difference between aluminum plate and aluminum composite panel, both what is the difference?

APCP (also known as aluminum plate) is chemically treated coating aluminum as coating material, polyethylene plastics used as core material, composite materials processed in special aluminum plate manufacturing equipments.

More varieties of aluminum plate, and is a kind of new material, so there is no uniform classification method. Then, on the market now, usually according to the use of product function and surface decorative effect classification.

First, according to the use of classification

Aluminum-plastic plate, building curtain wall A

B, wall decoration and advertisement aluminum plate

Aluminum plate with C, indoor

Two, according to the classification of product function

A, fire board

B, antibacterial and mildew proof aluminum plate

C, anti-static aluminum plate

Three, according to the surface decorative effect to classify

A, coating decorative aluminum plate

B, oxidation coloring aluminum plate

C, film decorative composite board

D, color printing aluminum plate

E, brushed aluminum plate

F aluminum plate, mirror
Aluminum composite board is a new composite material which is made of aluminum and aluminum or other metal materials. Honeycomb aluminum plate, which is made of aluminum substrate and aluminum honeycomb core, is a kind of aluminum composite board. Often said that the copper plastic composite board, stainless steel plastic composite board, silicon aluminum magnesium composite board, marble composite plate, titanium and zinc composite board are similar series.

The composite aluminum plate solves the problem that the flash welding process is complex and requires large equipment, so the product cost is high, and the use range is narrow. Production of composite aluminum plate is only a part of this product in the practical application, if not strictly in accordance with the processing requirements of processing, it is bound to affect the product quality problems in the application of the terminal.