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What are the competitive advantages of China's aluminum plat

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What are the competitive advantages of China's aluminum plate manufacturers?

As a substitute for steel plate, has developed rapidly in recent years, increasing demand; especially in Europe and other developed countries, aluminum application is deep in all walks of life, become a key metal production is essential in life. As a labor intensive and capital intensive industries, China aluminum manufacturers have a natural competitive advantage, while domestic manufacturers did seize the rare opportunities for development, capacity expansion, to become the world's largest aluminum producer. What are the main competitive advantages of China's aluminum plate manufacturers?

1, human cost advantage

The main factors restricting the development of technology is not a country of aluminum industry, but as a labor-intensive industries, labor costs in Europe and the United States, the high cost of domestic and Chinese there are a large number of highly educated workers, and relatively low labor costs, artificial foundation has the large-scale development of aluminum industry.

2, local policy advantage

As a labor-intensive, capital intensive enterprises, the construction and production of aluminum manufacturers can not only bring a lot of investment and job opportunities for local, also can make a great contribution to the local GDP and tax, so the local government will launch Chinese attractive investment conditions to attract investment, such as tax, loans, provide free land etc. provide convenience for construction, many manufacturers of aluminum production.

3, the advantages of convenient transportation

Whether it is imported or the finished products shipped out of bauxite, the traffic condition requirements are very high, and it has China Road, railway transportation is very developed, convenient transportation is a big boost for aluminum manufacturers.

4, adequate power resources

Electrolytic aluminum requires a large number of electric energy, the cost of electricity can be accounted for more than 30% of the cost of aluminum, while the western region of China is rich in coal resources, adequate, very low cost of electricity resources, very suitable for production of aluminum.

5, the domestic market is huge

As a country with the largest population and the second largest economy in the world, Chinese rapid economic development, is fully deserve the engine of the global economy, the industry demand for aluminum nature is very large, there is a very broad market prospects.