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Using aluminum plate to do the company's signs, what are the

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Using aluminum plate to do the company's signs, what are the benefits?

Sign is an important part of the image of a company, all companies will be talking about the company logo, advertising, etc. in the most prominent place, with a view to promote the role of marketing. In the past, the company signs are made of steel, iron and other metals, now, more and more enterprises production company with aluminum plate. So, with aluminum plate to do the company's signs, what are the benefits?

1, light weight of aluminum. With the development of the times, the company signs bigger, with steel, iron making signs, the weight reached a very alarming figure, increased signs, installation difficulty and cost. The quality of aluminum only with the same volume of iron 1/3, can greatly reduce the weight of the label, let the sign making easier, more simple installation.

2, aluminum sheet is easy to process. To create a piece of the one and only signs, bending, hollow processing is essential. Iron, steel processing difficulty, high hardness, long processing cycle, need professional processing equipment; and processing of aluminum is much higher than that of iron and steel, do not need special processing equipment, greatly shorten the processing cycle.

3, the aluminum plate will not rust. The outdoor environment for a long time in the iron and steel plate will rust, paint protection even if it is difficult to avoid, the signs become mottled ugly in the glossy after a period of time, must continue to maintain; and it will not be completely aluminum rust problems, even in wet environment will be bright as new.

4, aluminum more value. Company signs do not use recycling, you can save a lot of cost for enterprises. Iron and steel can recycling, but the scrap price is very low, and the investment is dozens of times; aluminum recovery high, even more than the price of aluminum and aluminum can reach a new 2/3 value is very high, the effective cost savings for the enterprise.