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Typical Tanker aluminum plate - 5083 aluminum plate manufa

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Liquid material transport has been a major profitability of the transportation industry and the transport of liquid materials to use tankers, in the years of industry development, the traditional steel tankers have been eliminated to the point, from the safety, environmental protection, economic and other angles, aluminum cans are due to steel tankers.

Aluminum alloy density is small, high strength. The use of relative to carbon steel tanker lighter weight, reducing the transport process of fuel consumption and wear on the tire, thereby reducing the daily operating costs and maintenance costs; aluminum corrosion resistance, improve tank life; With recyclability, high recovery rate.
cans is the most widely used aluminum tanker. The main element is magnesium, has good welding performance, corrosion resistance and processing performance, medium strength, for the manufacture of liquid tankers such as tankers and so on.
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