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These aluminum plate are widely used in aircraft manufacturi

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1-8 series aluminum plate, some brand of aluminum plate with high strength, high heat resistance and good corrosion resistance, weldability and other characteristics, widely used in aircraft, ship, rail transit, and Bridges, roof truss and other industries. Today, small make up take you to understand these brand of aluminum plate.


2012 aluminum plate


2012 aluminum plate as a kind of high strength aluminum, heat treatment can be improved, after annealing, quenching and thermal plasticity under medium, spot welding good weldability, with gas welding and argon arc welding has formed the tendency of intergranular crack; Alloy after quenching and cold work hardening is cutting performance is good, the bad when annealed state. Corrosion resistance is not high, often USES the method of anodic oxidation treatment and paint or surface clad aluminum layer in order to improve the corrosion resistance.




Aircraft structure (skin, frame, rib beam, frame, etc.), rivets, missile components, truck wheels, propeller components and a variety of other structures.


Chemical composition


Magnesium Mg: 1.2 ~ 1.8


Zinc and zinc: 0.30 or less


Manganese Mn: 0.30 ~ 0.9


Ti Ti: 0.15 or less


Ni Ni: 0.10 or less


Iron Fe: 0.000 ~ 0.500


Nickel iron + Fe + Ni: 0.000 ~ 0.50


2024 aluminum plate


2024 aluminum plate for magnesium aluminum - copper - is typical of hard aluminum alloy, its composition is reasonable, comprehensive performance is better. Many countries are the alloy production, is the largest in the dural dosage. The characteristics of the alloy are: high strength, heat resistance to a certain extent, can be used as the working parts under 150 ℃.


2024 alloy nameplate in 1954 and registered by the United States. Temperature higher than 125 ℃, the strength of 2024 alloy is higher than that of 7075 alloy. Thermal state, annealing and quenching conditions forming performance are good, heat treatment reinforcement effect is remarkable, but strict heat treatment process. Poor resistance to corrosion, but with pure aluminum coating can be effectively protected; During welding are prone to crack, but the use of special process can welding, can also be riveted. Widely used in aircraft structure, rivets, truck wheel, screw elements, and other various structures.


Chemical composition


Si: 0.5% iron: 0.5% copper, 3.8-4.9 mn: 0.3 to 0.9 mg: chrome 1.2-1.8:0.10 nickel:


Other titanium zinc: 0.25:0.15:0.15 aluminum: the rest


The meaning of the brand


Brand is a represent meaningful in aluminium alloy, the following is in accordance with the 2024 - T3 brand for example. The first 2 - aluminum copper alloy aluminum and aluminum alloy group. 0 means alloy element or content of impurities limit control: 0 indicates the original alloy, said its impurity content, no special control limit 1-9 transition alloy, for one or more than a single impurity or alloy element content with special control limit.


Shown 24 different alloy: minimum two decimal point in the aluminum alloy content, such as 1050 aluminum content is 99.50%, double digits have no special meaning, only used to identify the different alloys in the same group.


T for heat treatment. T behind, with one or more than a number commonly T3, for example, said the T3 heat treatment. The representatives of different Numbers of different heat treatment.


2024 aluminum plate hardness


About 2024 - H112 hardness is: HB85


2024 - T4 hardness is: HB120 ~ 2024


2024 - T351 hardness is: HB120 ~ 2024


About 2024-0 for hardness: HB40


6061 aluminum plate


The main alloy elements in the 6061 alloy for magnesium and silicon, with medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, oxidation effect is good, is not easy to deformation. Widely used in the request has the certain strength and high resistance to corrosion of all kinds of industrial structure.


Basic introduction


Can counteract the bad effect of iron; Sometimes add a small amount of copper or zinc, in order to improve the strength of the alloy, and don't make it have a significantly lower resistance to corrosion; Conductive material with a small amount of copper, in order to offset the bad influence of titanium and iron for electrical conductivity; Zirconium or titanium can refine grain and controlling recrystallization organization; In order to improve cutting performance, can be added to the lead and bismuth. The main alloy elements in 6061 aluminum alloy for magnesium and silicon, with medium strength, good corrosion resistance, oxidation effect is good, no deformation after processing, easy coloring membrane, excellent features such as oxidation excellent results. No stress corrosion cracking tendency, especially its good weldability and corrosion resistance and good processability, cold can be anodized color, also can be painted on the enamel, adapt to building decoration materials. To contain small amounts of Cu, so strength is higher than 6063, but the quenching sensitivity is higher than 6063, also cannot achieve the wind quenching after extrusion, needs to be solid solution treatment and quench aging, to obtain high strength.


Typical application


Planes, ships, mechanical parts require a certain intensity, high weldability and corrosion resistance of various industrial structure, also used in the manufacture of trucks, set style buildings, trams, furniture, machinery parts, precision machining, industrial materials and so on, the more extensive.


Chemical composition


Si Si: 0.40 to 0.8


Iron Fe: 0.7


Copper Cu: 0.15 to 0.40


Manganese Mn: 0.15


Magnesium Mg: 0.8 to 1.2


Chromium Cr: 0.04 to 0.35


Zinc and zinc: 0.25


Ti Ti: 0.15


Al: aluminum allowance


Mechanical properties of


Tensile strength of sigma b (MPa) : p. 180


Yield strength sigma (0.2 MPa) : p. 110


Elongation delta (%) : 14 or higher


Note: rod longitudinal mechanical properties at room temperature


Sample size: diameter of 150 or less


Brinell hardness HB: 95-100


6082 aluminum plate


6082 belong to 6 XXX series aluminum alloy (Al - Mg - Si), is the ability to heat treatment to strengthen the aluminum alloy plate, with moderate intensity and good welding performance, corrosion resistance, mainly used for transportation and construction engineering industry. Such as Bridges, crane, roof structure, conveyer, carrier, etc. In recent years, with the development of the domestic and international shipbuilding industry by leaps and bounds, lighten the hull weight, improve the speed, seeking to replace steel components of aluminum alloy material, has become an important topic for the aluminum industry and shipbuilding. 6082 aluminum alloy aluminum plate with moderate strength and good corrosion resistance, and light in weight, is an ideal material to manufacture components of high speed.


Chemical composition


Si Si: 0.7 ~ 1.3;


Iron Fe: 0.5;


Copper Cu: 0.10;


Manganese Mn: 0.4 ~ 1.0;


Magnesium Mg: 0.6 ~ 1.2;


Chromium Cr: 0.25;


Zinc and zinc: 0.20;


Ti Ti: 0.10;


AL: aluminum allowance.


Mechanical properties of


Tensile strength of sigma b (MPa) : p. 205


Conditions to yield strength sigma (0.2 MPa) : p. 110


Elongation delta (%) : 14 or higher


Xiang xiao note: profiles and longitudinal mechanical properties at room temperature


Sample size: all thickness


Homogenization temperature: 555-565 ℃ heat preservation time: 3 hours, the cooling speed is 200 ℃ or higher/h


Casting process


1, melting


6082 alloy is characterized by containing Mn, Mn is refractory metal, melting temperature should be controlled in 740-760 ℃. Uniform mixing two or more times before sampling, to ensure that the metal melt completely, uniform temperature accurately and composition. Stir in the depth of liquid aluminum central, a sample from each left and right sides of the chamber of a stove or furnace were analyzed, and the points of converter after folding qualified.


2, the purification and casting


After the melt into the quiet place furnace, with nitrogen spray, jet refining and refining agent, refining temperature 735-745 ℃, time of 15 minutes, after the refined let stand for 30 minutes. Through this process in addition to gas, slag and purify melt.


Rooted in between mold and front there are two filter device, the front have a foam ceramic filter plate (ppi) 30, with 14 orders, glass fibre cloth filter before casting, fully filter to melt in the oxide, slag.


6082 aluminum alloy casting temperature on the high side (6063 aluminum plate normal process), the casting speed is low, water flow is big, the process should be strictly controlled, not beyond the scope, otherwise easy to cause the failure of the casting.


7075 aluminum plate


7075 aluminum is a kind of cold treatment forging alloy, high strength, high hardness, far more than mild steel. 7075 aluminum plate is one of the most powerful alloy commercial, general corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. Tiny grain makes deep drilling performance better, tool wear resistance increase, thread rolling system more with different weight, the density is small, hardness requirements higher metal material is preferred.


Aluminum is Al - zinc - 7075 Mg - Cu superhard aluminium, alloy 7075 is in the late 1940 s has been applied in aircraft manufacturing industry, is still widely used in aviation industry deformation of ultra high strength aluminum alloy. Its characteristic is that after solid solution treatment and plastic, heat treatment reinforcement effect is very good, under 150 ℃ has high strength, and has very good strength at low temperature; Welding performance is poor; There is stress corrosion cracking tendency; Need to the package aluminum or other protective treatment. Two-stage aging alloy can be improved the ability of resistance to stress corrosion cracking. After annealing and quenching of the state of the plastic was slightly lower than the same 2012. A little is better than that of 7 a04, plank of static fatigue. Notch sensitivity, stress corrosion performance is better than that of 7 a04, of which 7075 - T651 state is top grade, is praised as the most excellent products in aluminum alloy, high intensity, far more than mild steel.


The alloy has good mechanical properties and the anode reaction, is a typical aerospace aluminum alloy material. Used in the manufacture of aircraft structures and other demands high strength, strong corrosion resistance of high stress structure, such as plane, the wing wall plate, purlin and bulkhead and so on.


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