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The use of 3 series aluminum plate and storage precautions

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3 series of the representative models of the aluminum plate has 3003, 3004, 3A21, and can be called anti rust aluminum. 3 series aluminum plate is widely used in pipeline insulation and automotive fuel tank industry. 3 series-5 is a commonly used in aluminum alloy, with manganese Aluminum Alloy main alloy elements, non heat strengthened; good plasticity, good welding performance, corrosion resistance is stronger than the 1 series, Aluminum Alloy a moderate intensity.

The 3003 and 3004 series are aluminum manganese alloy, is a kind of antirust aluminum is the most widely used, the market circulation now most of the sheet and coil form, ordinary pipe insulation and anticorrosion with 3003 and 3004 aluminum volume more, 0.4-1.2mm in thickness are 1000-1220mm in width, with a roll in the transport and delivery, storage, easy water oxidation, so 3003 aluminum coil packing storage requirements more stringent.
The anti oxidation measures of the 3003 aluminum coil are described below:

(1) to strengthen the management of air drying, to ensure that the compressed air in water.

(2) to strengthen the management of rolling oil, the water content of the control in the following 0.04%.

(3) aluminum foil packaging should be sealed packaging, and each volume should be put in the appropriate desiccant.

(4) the humidity of the wooden shaft and the box board of the packing box is not more than 18%, and the temperature of the packaging aluminum coil is not more than 45.

(5) to be transported into the area with high temperature and high humidity in the low temperature zone, do not immediately open the sealed package.

(6) workshop, warehouse roof leaks, snow place, should not be placed aluminum coil.

3 series of Aluminum Sheet Formability, solubility, corrosion resistance are good, mainly used for the 1 series of higher strength requirements, the pressure tank, storage tank, thermal insulation material, mechanical parts, automotive aircraft fuel tank, etc.. The conventional refrigerator used in air conditioning, etc., under wet conditions, the price is higher than 1, is a commonly used alloy series.