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The technical requirements of aluminum sheet/plate for ceili

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the technical requirements of  aluminum plate for ceiling

1, smallpox aluminum panel request if no flowers, no injury to the roller printed lateral seal and sleeve,

2, the plate surface are not allowed to have cracks, holes, knock against injury, crack, lack of while,
 become warped edge, corrosion, tropical, airway, metal and non-metallic pressure into the cause
of the defects such as concave and convex point.

3, plate surface allow slightly brighter to bring, crime, no touch line (single).

4, smallpox in proper section aluminum plate, finished product to check the flatness before correction,
 after proper adjustment good flatness must take big sample about 5 m on the platform to check, strip shape
 straight after no waves can only continue to finished correction.

5, smallpox aluminum plate in cutting board first must check the flatness, board face, length.Width and diagonal
conform to the requirements to shear.

6, when the cutting plate plate straightness requirement: put the board level on the platform, the plate should be
 close to the platform, allowing a slight edge wave, there is no Angle.

7, as far as possible when smallpox aluminum plate shear control at a constant speed faster, often should check
 the flatness in the process of shearing, length, diagonal, etc.
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