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The storage of aluminum plate manufacutuers and suppliers

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Aluminum plate is a very large amount of metal, many users and dealers will have some in stock, be ready for use at any time. Aluminum plate is a more active nature of the metal, if it is not in the proper storage, there will be deformation, discoloration, corrosion and other unexpected circumstances, affecting the normal use. So, how is the aluminum plate stored properly?

1, Environment requirements for aluminum storage: Aluminum plate should be stored in a constant temperature, dry humidity appropriate indoor environment, in order to ensure that the aluminum plate will not be due to water and oxidation discoloration. Many users have very high requirements for the aluminum surface brightness, if the aluminum surface is oxidized, it will lose the original luster, so be sure to pay attention.
2, the placement of aluminum, is often overlooked by everyone, in fact, this is also very important. In particular, some direct users, without wood case, put yhr aluminum plate on the ground, not knowing the humidity near the ground is much larger than the above space, resulting in the bottom of the aluminum will be affected by oxidation, and prone to be injured, scratches. And aluminum between the wooden care interval, more conducive to ventilation, so that aluminum is not easy to moisture. All the aluminum plates of Haomei Aluminum are packed in high quality wooden care above the wooden material moisture through rigorous testing, both to ensure the safety of aluminum, but also facilitate the storage and use of customers.
3, the third point is for the user, because of the vast local area, the temperature difference between the obvious, users get aluminum, we must not rush to open the packaging, the first thing we should to do is to place in a well-ventilated place for 3 days, so that aluminum inside and outside temperature difference achieve balance, and then open the package to use. This can ensure that the aluminum plate will not be too much because of the temperature and water vapor, to ensure the absolute quality of aluminum qualified.