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The requirements of aluminum sheet as curtain wall aluminum

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Aluminum sheet is widely used in curtain wall aluminum plate and Smallpox aluminum plate

The requirements of the aluminum sheet as the curtain wall aluminum plate

1 curtain wall aluminum panel is not allowed to have obvious chafed pits, gravure, bruising defects such as black.

2 curtain wall aluminum longitudinal straight, bow can't more than 3 mm, the clearance between the aluminum
plate and transverse with straightedge on board face feet (turtle) should be less than 3 mm;
3 curtain wall aluminum strip shape straight without waves, cannot have a newborn on both ends.
4 curtain wall aluminum panel allows single have does not affect the use of minor scratches (local) pits, gravure,
 oil stain, color difference.
5 curtain wall, aluminum plate, are not allowed to have a feel of horizontal, edge printing, printing and roller shape
 flat with no waves.
6 curtain wall aluminum plate performance testing must be done well before the cutting board (including tensile strength,
 elongation and bending), qualified to shear plate.More than
7 curtain wall aluminum plate thickness of 1.5 mm aluminium plate must be counting number of workers and staff
members from the points of signature confirmation.
8 curtain wall aluminum need sticker must stick film smooth, not allowed to film the wrinkling.
9 curtain wall aluminum plate cutting board first, tail pieces must be check by the requirement, qualified to shear plate

Aluminum sheet as the curtain wall aluminum plate

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