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The requirements of a single zero thickness aluminum foil

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A single zero thickness of aluminum foil requirements: (between 0.01 0.099 mm)

1, aluminum foil surface for rolling surface, shall be clean, smooth, there is no corrosion, holes, crushing,
 brown staining, slotted, included side, wrinkling, metal and non-metallic pressure into the cause of concave
 and convex point defects.
2, aluminum foil surface is allowed will not affect the use of light oil mark, mark.
3, aluminum foil surface are not allowed to have a serious color difference (cellular aluminum foil allow a
 slight color difference).
4, receives the aluminum foil dark side there is no bright spot.
5, aluminum foil flatness there is no middle and underside, come loose allowed to have a slight edge.
6, aluminum foil roll end should be clean and neat, there is no burr, wrong layer, arrow, tower, defects such as bruised.
7, cutting the tube core length should be equal to or greater than the aluminum foil width, unilateral end is not greater than 2 mm.
8, aluminum foil surface visual visible light is allowed in the pinhole, but, in any 4 mmx4mm area or any 1 mmx16mm
area, pinhole number not more than eight.
9, each roll of aluminum foil products only allowed to have a break, need to break in the face with 15 ~ 20 mm wide foil as tags.

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