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The popularity of aluminum alloy plate doors and windows man

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For home safety, home windows must be equipped with a security window, to prevent the thief invasion. The quality of anti-theft windows can directly affect the safety of home, and now the market often iron anti-theft window, stainless steel anti-theft window, aluminum alloy anti-theft window and stealth anti-theft window, then, aluminum doors and windows in the market how? What are the characteristics of it?
anti-theft window and other products
1, iron anti-theft window. Full use of iron bending and welding made of a network of anti-theft window, the general use of iron or iron, depending on the consumer's favorite to choose. Iron anti-theft window is easy to rust, and therefore need to be coated with some paint on its surface to prevent its rapid rust.
2, stainless steel anti-theft window. A very common kind of anti-theft window, as long as we walk in the street, everywhere can see its shadow. Stainless steel anti-theft window solve the rustle of iron anti-theft windows trouble. But in the art of the shape of the obvious lack of the general use of circular pipe and Fang Tong mutual staggered, so people habitually called the bird-style anti-theft window.
3, aluminum alloy anti-theft window. Inherited the iron and stainless steel anti-theft window two products from the development of the advantages of good anti-theft performance, is one of the most popular anti-theft window.
4, stealth anti-theft window. Is to solve the district does not allow the installation of traditional anti-theft window, and invented a substitute product, the use of steel around the structure, making the anti-theft window into the invisible era.

Advantages of aluminum alloy anti-theft windows
1, particularly good decorative. The surface treatment with wood, electrophoresis, spraying, imitation steel and other options, but also to OEM like a variety of colors, the use of a variety of colors, Is stainless steel anti-theft window cannot match.
2, the performance of anti-theft is better. Compared with other materials, anti-theft window, aluminum alloy anti-theft window of the main anti-theft screw collusion decorative tube, barrier connection, than the stainless steel welding anti-theft window to several times stronger.
3, replacement products. Unique decorative, to meet the requirements of modern decoration and with a strong anti-theft performance and rapid processing and assembly process, will become the third generation of doors and windows protection products.
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