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The new world for aluminum application - Mabi bike manufacut

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Inadvertently, in the city life shuttle with a "special" means of transport - sharing bicycles, and motorcycles cycling is the industry's most well-known one, some users joked in 2016 living in the city if you do not know Mumbai cycle , it seems that you are out of date.

Why is a small bike so attractive? Mainly because of this "Mo Bai cycling" contains a lot of scientific and technological elements, including all aluminum body, solid explosion-proof tires, shaft drive, internet of things and other advanced technology. Here to focus on the analysis of the car used in the whole car frame.
As we all know, light, prison, good elasticity is a cycling frame to pursue the ultimate goal, and bicycle frame material used generally have the following:
Chrome molybdenum steel frame
Before 90 years, chrome molybdenum steel used for the bicycle frame has been the mainstream. Its distortion performance and tensile properties, welding high temperature will not affect the material, cheap, but heavy weight, easy to be oxidized.
Carbon fiber frame
Lightweight is the ideal bike frame material. The higher the grade of carbon fiber, the higher the elasticity of the ton will be and the higher the price is. There are several manufacturing methods, such as in the mold stained with adhesive, overlapping carbon fiber, heat treatment, solidification, molding and so on.
Titanium frame
The proportion of titanium is 55% lighter than steel and is not easy to oxidize. In order to improve the tensile strength, there are titanium alloys such as aluminum and vanadium. Welding is carried out in a vacuum and other complex processing, frame expensive.
Aluminum frame
The frame is light and rigid. After a special processing of a frame, the weight is only 1 kg left, and excellent anti-rust performance.
In the frame performance, the aluminum alloy frame under the same weight can withstand the test of outdoor sun and rain; especially the rainy weather in the south, the aluminum frame is more suitable for the use of motorbike Outdoor environmental requirements.