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The new trend for tanker aluminum plate lightweight manufacu

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The lightweightization of special vehicles is an important part of building a harmonious society in China under the new form of building socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is also the only way to promote the rapid, sustained and healthy development of commercial vehicles in China.

Car light energy can greatly enhance economic efficiency, improve traffic safety, reduce fuel consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so the car is the development of the automotive industry in China's trend.
In Europe and North America, aluminum is widely used in the automotive industry, especially for heavy loads and special vehicles, in order to achieve a lightweight vehicle. A variety of aluminum alloy materials used in van trucks, semi-trailer, dump trucks, tank cars, and so on models, aluminum alloy materials in the commercial application of a large number of vehicles follow the trend of light weight. But it also promote the automotive industry to a high level forward. Aluminum tanker market share is very high. Aluminum alloy tank commonly used aluminum alloy , , 5454 aluminum plate  three.