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The new trend for aluminum foils application manufacutuers a

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China's take-away market has sprung up, led to the rapid development of food packaging industry, and "aluminum foil lunch box" with its material light, high barrier, anti-ultraviolet, moisture and long shelf life and other characteristics, can better keep the food freshness and moisture , More in line with the modern concept of environmental health more and more by the fast food take-away market operators of all ages.

"Aluminum foil lunch box" is a one-time aluminum lunch box, it is a new type of food distribution containers, compared to other materials, lunch boxes, which has a light material, high barrier, anti-ultraviolet, moisture and corrosion and long shelf life Characteristics, but also because aluminum can better keep the food freshness and moisture, more in line with the modern concept of environmental health.
At present, the for aviation food, cake food retail and supermarket roast chicken and other food take-away industry finished food packaging. In fact, as early as the APEC in Shanghai during the meeting, lunch boxes have become the first choice of the heads of household utensils, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, aluminum foil lunch boxes in the athletes and service staff "swept" a. The Shanghai World Expo, aluminum foil lunch boxes for the first time in the country to get a large-scale application. It is understood that during the Expo, only in the Expo staff central kitchen, the daily supply of about 6000, up to nearly ten thousand copies.
Although the "aluminum foil lunch box" in the Expo has been a good application, but the promotion of penetration is not high, propaganda is still far from the height, far from the real people into the daily life.