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The new star for tanker aluminum plate-5754 aluminum plate m

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is the main plate of aluminum alloy cans, tanker is the main aluminum alloy. 5754 aluminum plate with high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, good machinability, excellent arc welding, it is very suitable for aluminum after welding tanker material.  

Haomei 5754 aluminum plate with superior performance, large-scale stable production, in the tanker aluminum market highly respected. Shandong tanker aluminum market in recent years, rapid development, and Haomei established a long-term cooperative relations, Haomei 5754 is favored by many manufacturers, has become an outstanding star products.
Recently, 200 tons of Thai 5754 aluminum plate has been officially delivered to use. According to reports, the production of aluminum tanker is very large, nearly a year, 5754 tanker aluminum plate sales continued to rise, strong market demand, but also for the Haomei Aluminum industry structure to provide a strong driving force.
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