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The new daring in the construction industry-3003 aluminum co

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is commonly product in the 3000 series of Al-Mn alloy. Because of the addition of manganese in the alloy, it has excellent rust resistance. Therefore, the 3003 aluminum coil is the most widely called antirust aluminum. As one of the representative products of Haomei Aluminum, it has been widely used in many fields due to its good properties.

3003 alloy aluminum coil in the construction industry is a very cost-effective roof, wall materials, in the comfort, light, durable, economic, environmental protection and other aspects played an important role. 3003 alloy aluminum coil after coating due to moderate structural strength, weather resistance, resistance to stains, easy bending welding processing advantages, the service life can be more than 50 years, is widely used in airport terminals, aircraft maintenance library, station and large Transportation hubs, public service buildings, large shopping centers, commercial facilities, residential buildings and other roofing and wall systems.
At present, Henan Haomei Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces 3003 alloy aluminum coil not only for the majority of customers with optical aluminum, but also to provide customers with follow-up polyester and fluorocarbon coiler coating, less intermediate transfer processing, for customers to save A lot of time and cost. Good quality and preferential price is your best choice.