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The new daring in mobile industry 鈥 3003 H14 aluminum alloy

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In recent years, China's telecommunications industry has been rapid development, with the mobile phone battery this emerging industry, the rapid development of mobile phone battery shell with aluminum alloy, strip demand continues to grow.

Cell phone battery shell stamping process for the comprehensive performance requirements of the material is extremely high. First, in order to protect the internal structure of the battery, the material must have a high strength and hardness, and the material must have a good punching performance, that is, good plasticity, small yield ratio and the opposite sex, mechanical properties and stability, ; Third, in order to adapt to different use of the environment to ensure that the battery life, the material should have good corrosion resistance; Fourth, good welding performance; Fifth, must have a good appearance quality.
with high strength, high plasticity, good welding performance, corrosion resistance, smooth surface and other excellent comprehensive, performance, is widely used in the production of various deep-drawing products, 3003 aluminum alloy into a mobile phone battery shell with aluminum is a best choice.
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