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The future of container aluminum plate 鈥 6082 aluminum man

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With the global global economic integration and international trade continued to prosper, aluminum container this modern mode of transport will continue to be respected, aluminum container application prospects in the ascendant, increasing demand, the demand for aluminum The more the more, of which has win a great success.

Haomei with 5083 aluminum, 6061 aluminum alloy, 6082 aluminum and other alloys, is currently on the market the most commonly used in several alloys, at present, China has become aluminum and aluminum processing products production and consumption power, but not power, China The rapid rise and strongness of the container industry, both for the Chinese aluminum industry to provide development opportunities and experience for reference, at the same time, but also a challenge to the aluminum industry.
Haomei Aluminum has seized the opportunity to meet the challenge, play a more active role in the new round of global economic structure in the increasingly deepening division of labor, strengthen new technology development, make every effort to fully meet the market prospect of container aluminum and other transportation The field of aluminum application needs, and constantly open up the international market space, toward a greater and stronger direction. At the same time in order to reduce the weight of the whole box to reduce processing costs, in ensuring the overall rigidity of the premise, the aluminum requirements will be more large-scale, high-strength, thin-walled, the quality requirements of aluminum will be higher and higher which will be  not only a challenge for  , but also a rare opportunity.