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The development prospects of aluminum alloy wheels manufacu

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At present, aluminum wheels in the ordinary car has been quite popular, in addition to some low-end models, almost all of the passenger cars have begun to popular aluminum wheels. But we can easily find that in the field of domestic trucks, the factory comes with aluminum alloy wheels almost disappeared, steel wheels in the field still occupy an absolute dominant position. Why in the field of passenger cars so that everyone is flocking to the aluminum alloy wheels, in the field of trucks are everywhere?

In fact, aluminum wheels for trucks can be described as a lot of benefits. First of all, the relative strength of the same strength under the lighter weight, better heat dissipation, anti-fatigue and stronger. For the car brake heat attenuation performance is very favorable. While lighter weight also means better fuel consumption performance, for reducing the cost of trucking can be described as great benefit. Typical road conditions, the aluminum alloy wheels relative to the steel wheel 100 km can save 2.5 liters of fuel consumption.
But why the aluminum alloy wheels have so many advantages, it is still neglected by the truck consumer?
First of all, compared with steel wheels, is much higher..
Second, the steel wheel to absorb the road bumps stronger ability. For heavy-duty heavy trucks, most pavement bumps are delivered directly to the driver's seat, using steel wheels to isolate some of the road bumps and make the driver more comfortable.
Third, the steel wheels relative to the aluminum alloy wheels may be more adapted to some of the domestic bad car situation. Although the phenomenon of domestic overload has a certain containment, in terms of China's national conditions, to completely cure is more difficult. And overload behavior, is bound to the truck itself, the braking system to bring a great test. Especially in the central and western regions, due to the more mountain, the downhill situation is widespread, the truck braking system is prone to thermal attenuation state. But due to cost pressures, the company is not going to improve the braking system. So "watering" has become a lot of truck drivers to deal with the situation of the soil method.
Although the aluminum alloy wheels have so many benefits, but for all reasons it decided that it cannot dominate in China. In China's special national conditions, aluminum wheels want to gain a firm foothold in the truck market, still a long way to go.