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The causes and measures of the cracks on the surface of alum

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We use aluminum material, the surface will find a lot of materials on the fish shaped by the longitudinal Lin repetitive partition between lines, serious was disconnected isolated. These cracks will seriously affect the performance of aluminum, and lead to the causes of such defects and related measures, the Chinese standard parts network to make the following detailed explanation.

Cause of surface crack of aluminum profile:

(a): aluminum extrusion coefficient is too large, extrusion temperature is too high (rod, tube, die three temperature), extrusion speed and then too fast.

(two): the extrusion pressure is not stable, high and low, or the speed difference between the multi gear speed is obvious, when the shift speed change suddenly.

(three): Aluminum Alloy extrusion head end pressure (Stamping) too fast, at the end of the running speed or deceleration, a large number of aluminum into the dead.

(four): the quality of the rod is poor, the rod is over fired, big grain, loose. Excess pressure (V3 aluminum) is too thin.

(five): the extrusion die flow rate is not reasonable to design and manufacture.

Surface crack of aluminum profile:

(a): the extrusion coefficient can be placed in the production of small machine, using the appropriate extrusion ratio; in addition to extrusion three temperature should be strictly controlled according to the production process requirements, to use the appropriate extrusion speed.

(two): operator concentration, stable speed, pressure is not high or low, shift manual operation.

(three): Aluminum stop India front and rear is dead or V3 volume (aluminum rod surface) aluminum, impurity, poor quality, lack of stickiness, so the head end section extrusion speed to slow down.

(four): the surface of the aluminum rod must be fine and clean without oil pollution, and the internal organization should reach the standard. Pressure remaining normal stay (rod length of 5%)

(five): extrusion die designers to design and manufacture of uniform flow of qualified mold.