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The cause of the insulation aluminum coil cost-effective? Wh

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The cause of the insulation aluminum coil cost-effective? What are those?

Insulation aluminum coil is one of the power plant, chemical plant, and other enterprises in the pipeline equipment insulation construction of the most commonly used to heat preservation material. Tell from the unit price, the price of the insulation aluminum coil is other thermal insulation material for several times, so why companies are still willing to choose insulation aluminum coil, the material and what are the advantages?


First of all is the performance, heat preservation heat transfer efficiency of aluminum coil is several times of other material, second only to gold, silver and copper in the metal, is one of the tallest metal types in the heat transfer efficiency; Same thickness for thermal insulation materials, construction, aluminium coil heat preservation effect is much better than other materials.


Second is in the life, insulation aluminum volume average service life is much higher than other heat preservation material. Most of the heat preservation material will rust corrosion and weathering, in the construction of a few years later become broken, loss of the heat preservation effect, often two or three years to all construction; And aluminum coil does not rust, acid, alkali corrosion, service life is other thermal insulation material for several times.


Also, is the aluminum recyclability. The value of other insulation or not recycled, or recovery value is extremely low; And recyclability of aluminum is very high, after the abandoned in the insulation aluminium coil, aluminium scrap still can sell for more than 80% of the aluminum ingot prices, enterprises can by aluminium scrap recycling back most of the construction costs.


The above three reasons, make insulation aluminum volume rapidly beyond other heat preservation material, become the most widely used, the highest ratio of thermal insulation material. According to different materials, at present the commonly used thermal insulation aluminum volume 1, 3 and 5 series, brand is 1060, 3003, 5052, etc.,