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The calculation method of the weight of the aluminum plate a

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The calculation method of the weight of the aluminum plate and the price of the aluminum sheet

Aluminum plate as a new material, is entering more and more industries, many companies in the understanding of the superior performance of the aluminum plate, are like replacing the original production materials with aluminum, in order to obtain a better product performance. But because of the aluminum sheet is not very understanding, often take a detour, spent a little money. Below, let me for readers to popularize the basic knowledge of aluminum plate.

Classification of aluminium sheet

1, distinguished from the chemical composition, the current international will be divided into 1-8 aluminum plate, in addition to the 1 lines is pure aluminum, the other 7 lines are different alloy elements, such as the 2 series aluminum alloy, 3 aluminum manganese alloy, 5 aluminum magnesium alloy, 6 aluminum magnesium silicon alloy, and the pure aluminum series are the most commonly used several aluminum series.

2, the thickness of the aluminum plate can be divided into 2 kinds of sheet and plate. Xinyi Tong aluminum standing sheet thickness between 0.2-10mm plate thickness between 10mm-120mm. Below 0.2mm, commonly known as aluminum foil; higher than 120mm, belonging to the non conventional specifications requirements.

3, from the specification: standing manufacturers specifications: 1000mm*2000mm, 1200mm*2400mm, 1220mm*2440mm, 1250mm*2500mm, 1500mm*3000mm of the several other specifications, belonging to the super long and super wide plate, manufacturers need to custom, currently can not processing factory.

Weight calculation of aluminum sheet

The weight of the aluminum plate = the thickness of the aluminum sheet, the length of the aluminum sheet, the width of the aluminum plate, the density of the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate of different alloy, the density is slightly different, between 2.68-2.71, usually go to 2.7 integer. The weight of a 3mm*1000mm*2000mm aluminum sheet is: 3*1*2*2.7=1.62KG.

Aluminum price calculation

Aluminum ingot price = price + processing fees, the aluminum price change, with the international market is very transparent, and the aluminum manufacturers slightly different processing fees. Conventional specifications, pure aluminum production process is simple, the price is cheap, and special specifications of aluminum, aluminum alloy production process is complex, higher prices.