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The application of honeycomb aluminum foil manufacutuers and

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 Honeycomb is generally 3003 alloy, the state H18, the thickness of 0.03-0.08mm between 0.04-0.06mm between the majority, there are a few 5052 alloy honeycomb foil, but because of the high cost, very little use, the product on the plate And the thickness of the more stringent requirements on the board is relatively low,
Honeycomb aluminum foil is currently widely used in the market, mainly used in: household appliances, lighting industry, transportation industry, such as trains, subway trains and ships, doors and other decorative materials. Its completely non-toxic green quality, in the industrial, manual textile industry, furniture, home industry has an irreplaceable and powerful role.
 At present, the domestic use of honeycomb aluminum foil customers can be divided into two categories: one for only honeycomb core enterprises, these enterprises will be honeycomb core to do the production of honeycomb board manufacturers, but also made semi-finished exports, these business single, Small, the monthly amount is generally less than 50 tons, except for large manufacturers; the second is to do the honeycomb board finished products business, these enterprises to honeycomb board, foam sandwich board-based, do honeycomb core for their own honeycomb board use, generally not sold separately Honeycomb core, and with the domestic building materials market for environmental protection, safety, lightweight requirements are getting higher and higher, the market demand for honeycomb core in the rising stage.

Honeycomb aluminum foil market is currently a small number of small aluminum foil factory, small factories to low prices, business flexibility for the advantage in the market also has a place, Haomei honeycomb aluminum foil products than other manufacturers prices slightly higher, but high quality For the advantage, some have their own brand of honeycomb to do high-end cellular aluminum foil will often choose Haomei products, the current large economic situation is weak, the entire market in transition, all industries are shuffling, Industry in an invincible position to be too high quality to do protection, so the business philosophy of Haomei to the quality of long-term customer service effectiveness.