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The application of 1060 aluminum sheet in capacitor shell ma

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Many electronic components are used in electronic equipment. As the most common electronic components, capacitors are widely used in various aspects of the circuit, such as isolation, coupling, bypass, filtering and so on. Along with the electronic information technology change rapidly, digital electronic product updates faster and faster, the product continues grow flat-panel televisions, notebook computer, digital camera based electronic products sales, and driven by the capacitor industry growth.

1060 aluminum sheet contains up to 99.6%, and is also known as pure aluminum sheet. It has a good elongation and tensile strength, fully able to meet the requirements of conventional processing, stamping, stamping and high formability. Capacitor shell is the only choice. 1060 aluminum sheet is , and it has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Although the intensity is low, heat treatment can not enhance, machinability is not good, but the atomic hydrogen welding and gas welding, contact welding, brazing is not easy, can withstand all kinds of pressure, bending and drawing processing.
Haomei has the international leading "1+4" hot rolling production line of 450 thousand tons of high production capacity, can produce all types of 1060 aluminum, and product version smooth, accurate size, high surface gloss, while alkali washing effect is good, and can achieve a brush water experiment.