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Teach you to calculate the theoretical weight of aluminum pl

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haomei aluminum Teach you to calculate the theoretical weight of aluminum plate, the number of sheets, saw mouth

 believe that just entered the aluminum industry friends to count the number of sheets, aluminum plate theory, is not how much weight saw familiar with it, good nonsense not say, the following Xiaobian for you some tricks, I give some examples for everyone.

Example 1

Grade 5052 alloy aluminum plate, 5*1220*2440mm one, what is the theoretical weight?

Answer: the analysis of 5052 aluminium alloy density is 2.68, weight = length * width * height * density, i.e. the weight of =5*1.22*2.44*2.68 is 40KG

Example 2

Grade 1060 Aluminum plate, 3*1200*2400mm, weight 72KG, how many do you probably have?

Answer analysis: the density of the 1060 Aluminum sheet is 2.71, Zhang number = weight / (length * width * height * density)

That is the number of =72KG/ (3*1.2*2.4*2.71) = 3

Grade 6061 alloy aluminum plate, 16mm thick small pieces, cut from the 1.7 meter long aluminum plate, I would like to ask how to calculate the weight of the saw mouth?

Answer analysis: 6061 aluminum alloy density is 2.68, the average width of the saw mouth is 0.003

So the theory of saw mouth weight = thickness * density * length * saw mouth (0.003)

That is the kerf weight =16*2.68*1.7*0.003 = 0.2KG

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