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Standards of 1050 aluminum plate manufacutuers and suppliers

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1050 aluminum plate in the pure aluminum products which also belong to the larger amount of products, more commonly used is 1050H14 or 1050H24 products. At present, our company's quality implementation of GB / T3880-2012 standards, chemical products implementation GB / T3190-2008 standard.
1050 aluminum content of aluminum: 1050 aluminum plate aluminum content reached 99.5% or more, corrosion resistance is higher than 1100 aluminum.

1050 aluminum plate is suitable for a variety of bending, stamping, welding and other machining materials, hardware and electrical industry in the larger amount. Haomei aluminum as the most professional supplier of aluminum looks forward to your cooperation to join.
1050 aluminum standard surface: the surface is without scratches, no oil and pits, if the user for the 1050 aluminum surface standard has a higher requirement, we recommend you film it.
1050 aluminum standard size: the general thickness of 0.2-6.0mm between the non-standard size can also order processing.
1050 aluminum standard shape: smooth shape, no waves and sickle bend.
The above is the standard for 1050 aluminum, if you need more detailed information, you can contact Haomei Aluminum Co., Ltd.