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Six different decorative aluminium pattern plate, the signif

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Pattern aluminum plate is a type aluminum plate, the surface after the special craft processing, it has a variety of decorative pattern, meet the demand of people to use. However, decorative pattern aluminum plate was divided into different types, this paper introduces pattern aluminum plate classification for everyone.

Pattern classification of aluminum - five reinforced metal pattern plate

Five steel alloy sheet is also known as LiuYeXing pattern plate, with good prevent slippery characteristic, is widely used in the design of construction platform. At the same time, because the pattern on the surface is five concave and convex decorative pattern, beautiful and easy, cheap.

Pattern classification of aluminum plate - the compass alloy decorative pattern plate

Compass alloy decorative pattern plate and antiskid plate, and the use effect of five reinforcement pattern plate with similar, but not often used, because it is relatively expensive.

Pattern classification of aluminum plate, orange peel aluminum alloy decorative pattern plate

Orange peel aluminum plank is orange peel of electrostatic pattern aluminum plate. Surface presents the decorative pattern of orange peel, therefore is called the orange peel aluminum plate. Generally applicable to the refrigerator, air conditioner, and other packaging.

Pattern aluminum plate type classification, lentils, decorative pattern aluminum plate

Lentils type pattern aluminum plate also have prevent slippery effect, mainly used in car, cold storage, workshop floor by floor, elevators, etc.

Pattern classification of aluminum plate, spherical pattern aluminum plate

Spherical aluminum plate is also become a semicircle spherical pattern plate, surface display a small ball pattern, like pearls, also known as the pearl pattern plate. Because of its appearance is very beautiful, so the application in packaging field.

Pattern classification of aluminum plate, diamond aluminum alloy decorative pattern plate

Diamond aluminum decorative pattern plate mainly used for packaging line or the outer packing, etc., is a common pattern plate.

Above is the decorative pattern of several different aluminum plate, aluminum plate with different utility of different decorative pattern, so people in choosing a pattern aluminum plate, must choose according to actual demand, only choose high quality pattern aluminum plate, can satisfy the use standard. Aluminum plate is numerous, the pattern of different pattern of aluminum plate has the advantages of different so the choices carefully.

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