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Several common defects and defects of aluminum plate

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Several common defects and defects of aluminum plate

I believe an entry-level aluminum enterprises, and defects of aluminum common is not very understanding, let Xinyi aluminum industry simple to introduce you to several common defects of aluminum plate, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble due to his negligence to the enterprise!

1, the shape of the board:

(1): Cuoceng strip between the layers and irregular surface dislocation caused by uneven surface. Cause: blank is not smooth; uncoiling, mill coiling tension control improper pressure roller; improper adjustment etc..

(2) the collapse volume: the volume of the core is seriously deformed, and the volume is not round. Cause: tension in the process of curl; external force.

(3) lateral bending: the performance of the plate to the side of the bending. Cause: the school plane machine pressure is not enough.

(4) wave: the general term for various kinds of uneven formation caused by uneven deformation of aluminum sheet and aluminum strip. With the edge of the plate, the resulting wave called edge waves, generated by the middle wave called the intermediate wave, between the middle and edge is not in the middle and at both sides of the wave is called the two rib wave, small size and usually rounded waves called surf. Reason: the adjustment of the roller gap is uneven, the roller type control is not reasonable, the lubrication and cooling are uneven, the aluminum plate is uneven, and the distribution of the amount of the road is not reasonable.

2, dimensions:

(1) the thickness tolerance: 1 the following tolerance is + 1%, more than 1 + 5%, single ultra difference *2 times;

(2) the width tolerance: 3.2MM below + 3.2MM, 0.1MM above is + 0.2MM;

(3) length tolerance: +5-3MM. The reason for the thickness tolerance, the problem of thickness gauge, the reason of the width tolerance, the adjustment of the disc shear is not appropriate, the reason of the length tolerance, the adjustment of the shearing machine is a problem.

3, surface area:

(1): due to wrinkle, embossed strip belt as a result of the roll surface of irregular color in the rolling process of periodic printing to the phenomenon of color strip surface.

(2): the performance of abrasion surface of aluminum shape distribution of scars. Cause: mechanical or artificial to make the aluminum plate between the layer and the layer of the wrong.

(3) Alice: because by rolling or shearing, strip edge tilt.

(4): the performance of corrosion surface of aluminum with punctate or patchy white or black spots. Causes: production, packaging, transportation, storage process into the acid and alkali or water.

(5) the surface of oil: the performance of surface dirt. Causes: cooling oil dirty, poor hair.

(6) scratch: the performance of the surface of the aluminum plate with a line distribution of the scars. Cause: a rolling guide plate or a convex or glued aluminum; scratch shearing process; artificial lift check on improper.

(7) side bending: the longitudinal side of the plate, with a non straight side of the curved side of the side. Causes: rolling mill at both ends of the pressure is not the same; plate, with the thickness of the two sides are not consistent, etc..

(8) surface has black spots: the surface of the aluminum plate with needle like black spots. Cause: the furnace liquid is not clean.

4, mechanical properties:

(1) the hardness is not enough. Reason, material / composition, heat treatment process.

(2) stamping cracking, hard or soft. Material or state problem.

(3) other defects: after oxidation of water ripple, black and white road surface; surface bright floral patterns.