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Selection of mold aluminum alloy manufacutuers and supplier

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Compared to other materials, aluminum alloy mold has advantages, such as light weight, good processing performance, high temperature, good wear resistance and other significant advantages.
The required for aluminum molds are generally high strength heat treatable alloys that require good mechanical properties, usability, and ease of processing. According to the use of mold and characteristics, aluminum also needs to have anti-corrosion properties and antioxidant properties.

Henan Haomei Aluminum plate Co. Ltd. is the largest private aluminum processing compamy, the annual output of 650,000 tons. Haomei al. production for the manufacture of alloy aluminum plate grades are 6061, 6082, 5052, 5083, 7075, 7050, with good forming processing performance.
6061 aluminum plate in the mold manufacturing widely used, can be used for injection mold, blow mold, low pressure die, rubber mold and other mold industry in 80% of the product, it is also known as die aluminum.
is generally used 6 series thick aluminum, Haomei Aluminum production 6061 mold aluminum, the thickest can be done 600mm, the maximum width of 3000mm, to meet the needs of a variety of different mold industry.
Haomei Aluminum "high precision traffic aluminum belt project" 1 + 1 hot rolling production line in July 2015 formally put into operation, the production line in Henan Province, the widest rolling range of hot-rolled production line. "1 + 1" Main ultra-wide ultra-thick aluminum plate, the plate will be mainly to meet the domestic automotive mold aluminum market with some of the needs of the Haomei aluminum from the general public aluminum to the automotive aluminum, rail aluminum high-end cross.