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Safety protection of the fencing mask with 2a12 aluminum pla

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Fencing is a kind of sport. Athletes wear fencing garments and protective gear, in the fencing field with a hand sword to assault each other, was first hit the body effective part of the party, was hit one side. There is a variety of offensive techniques and defensive techniques, and within the scope of the rules permit to use a variety of tactics to win.

The fencing mask is used to protect the face, its material can choose 2a11 aluminum alloy, is a kind of sports equipment with aluminum, the use of aluminum alloy texture light, worn on the head to reduce the weight of the fencing mask on the head, to facilitate the fencing player's movement ; , is a high-strength hard aluminum, can be heat treatment to strengthen, in the quenching and quenching state of plastic medium, spot welding is good, quenching and cold hardening after its cutting performance is still good, the use of aluminum alloy to reduce material The waste is also environmentally.
2a12 aluminum alloy is also known as aerospace aluminum, used in aircraft on the skeleton parts, frame, wing ribs, spars, rivets and so on. Haomei Aluminum is a well-known processing enterprises listed companies, the production of 1-8 series , customized according to demand, excellent quality, packaging quality, reduce the damage in the transport process, with many businessmen signed long-term contracts , Welcomed the new and old customers to inquire +86-0371-65621391.