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Safe and reliable drying box board of Haomei 3003 aluminum p

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The drying box is formed by steel sheet after welding, reasonable structure, box appearance, durable, can be used in the studio sample shelf and car, between the studio and the shell is filled with insulation of good insulation layer. Open the air valve to make the air inside the studio new.
In the plate drying box can be used 3003 aluminum plates, 3003 aluminum alloy is typical Al-Mn alloy, this material has good formability, good corrosion resistance and weldability, with better quality of 3003 aluminum plate drying box making.
Haomei has its own performance advantages, has excellent anti rust properties; forming excellent characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and conductivity, strength higher than 1100. It has smooth surface, good plasticity and high pressure.

Haomei 3003 aluminum packaging and shipping is also very good. The aluminum sheet for paper or film can ensure that the aluminum surface intact without scratches. Plastic or kraft paper packagecan ensure moisture rain, aluminum in the transport process is clean without dirt (each package with moisture-proof desiccant, to ensure that our products in the East Southern China area with the rain more product quality). The installation of wooden and steel reinforcement to avoid collision in the process of transportation, ensure the plate geometry. The export products are packed in wooden boxes and brackets marked with fumigation.