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Price of aluminum strip

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Aluminum strip has been used by many non-ferrous metal processing industry companies and enterprises, while the price of aluminum also received attention. Recently, the price of aluminum with a stable state. Usually the price of aluminum is about 45 yuan / kg price. Individual businesses and enterprises will certainly have their own specific quotations, the price of aluminum will be different. Then briefly introduce the aluminum strip.
(Aluminium strip) with aluminum ingot by strip rolling is obtained, according to the purpose, different brands and specifications. Grades 1060, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5052, 8011. State has O state and H state, O soft state, H states that hard state. O and H can be followed by a number of soft and hard degree, and the degree of annealing. The use of aluminum strip, such as: the aluminum-plastic composite pipe, cable, cable, transformer, heater, blinds and so on.