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New trend of Aluminum Alloy 3003 sheet for Battery Case

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New trend of Aluminum Alloy 3003 for Battery Case

Nowday, Light weight and bright feature have become a popular trend in industrial design field. So battery case designers start to use superior aluminum alloy 3003 for battery case. It is a great change for aluminum processing industrial. Actually, Al-Fe based aluminum alloy 3003 is an idea material for the application of lithium-ion battery case. Aluminum alloy 3003 for battery case is a composite metal with magnesium, calcium as well as Fe. One of the minor elements Zr can help aluminum alloy 3003 out of cracks during casting process so that to keep excellent formability.

New trend of Aluminum Alloy 3003 for Battery Case


Otherwise, the high strength materials can bear high stress and heat environment. So it can effectively prevent battery cell out our explosion. The impurities aluminum alloy is a kind of cold rolled annealed material. We adopt deep drawing techniques and heat treatment to improve the formability and physical properties of this aluminum alloy sheet. The light weight and corrosion resistance features of aluminum alloy 3003 for battery case can also help battery case reduce weight. From most battery case manufactures, we have recommend thickness of aluminum alloy 3003 in 0.6mm, which has been tested as a perfect thickness for battery shell. But we still have a large produce capacity for your reference. Compared with other materials, aluminum alloy keeps better weldability and strength for battery case. General battery case is in size of 6mm*25mm*50mm. it is different according to your specific demands. Not only for battery case, has aluminum alloiy 3003 also performed well in phone shells, pc case and other Li battery cases.

haomei Aluminum can supply costumed aluminum sheet
in normal size. We can supply aluminum alloy 3003 for battery case in normal sheet size. So these battery casese should be cut into the design size that you need for application. We can export aluminum alloy 3003 for batterycase into the USA. South Korea, Japan, Canada and Europe, so we can meet the qualifications of these countries like JIS, ASTM, EN and etc. The application of aluminum alloy 3003 in battery can optimize the material structure and which is a recycle and environment friendly new material for the development of battery case industry.