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Mold processing with 7075 aluminum plate Henan Haomei qualit

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075 aluminum alloy is the main alloying element is zinc, is a high-strength heat treatment alloy, containing 3% -75% zinc alloy to add magnesium, you can think of a significant effect of strengthening MgZn2, hot coiling effect is very good, so that the alloy heat treatment effect far Far better than aluminum zinc binary alloy, with high strength and anti-peeling corrosion and anti-stress corrosion fracture performance, mainly for aerospace mold processing machinery and equipment.

Mold processing with 7075 aluminum plate commonly used in mechanical mold processing, because of its high tensile strength, far better than soft steel, high hardness, corrosion resistance, mold processing 7075 aviation aluminum plate has good mechanical properties and anode reaction to meet the machinery Mold in the use of material requirements.
Henan Haomei Aluminum 1 + 1 hot-coiled production line of advanced technology and equipment, mature technology, production 7075  and foreign considerable, 7075 aluminum plate for the production of large-scale lay a solid foundation.For more information: 0371-86628262