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Mold aluminum plate type and technical advantages

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Do the mold of aluminum is used for hard material, high strength aluminum plate, aluminum plate for making mould has 2 series, 7 series, 6 series, is now more common on the market is 6, in the customer requirements to meet the basic, but also reduce the production cost.

Using aluminum plate to do the mold has the following advantages: 1, light weight. Because of its density is only 36% of the general mold steel, the inertia is relatively low, in the production process, and reduce the speed is relatively easy, can reduce the loss of machine and die. 2, mechanical processing and high dimensional stability. Its cutting speed than the average die steel faster than 6 times, so a lot to reduce the processing time of the mold, so that the mold can be produced faster. 3, excellent thermal conductivity. 4, can be used well. 5, easy to process, good wear resistance. 6, corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance.

Now used in most of the mold is made of aluminum cutting and processing, and gradually eliminated the previous casting mold, casting mold service life is short, and the accuracy is not high. So now more and more mechanical parts selection of aluminum processing. This process is now for the aluminum industry focus on the late focus point. The ordinary aluminum processing, and then to create more profits. Because only a single sale of aluminum plate has been unable to adapt to the competitive market at the present stage.

Haomei aluminium focus on the aluminum industry for fifteen years, in the mold plate cutting processing technology is very mature, and have independent R & D and production capacity of cutting, cutting precision, high efficiency, can meet the processing requirements of all customers. Now can be carried out 300mm - 6mm thick aluminum plate cutting processing. And the production cycle is short, timely delivery. Customers are welcome to call to negotiate.