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Modern food packaging 8079 aluminum foil broad application p

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With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of tourism, beer, soft drinks and other beverages and canned food demand is increasing; these need to have a modern packaging and decoration, in order to facilitate competition in the international market. In order to meet the market requirements, people have developed a good shielding of plastic film and spray foil and other packaging materials, but their overall performance are better than the coating and laminated processing can be made up and improved.

Haomei Aluminum as a leading enterprise in the , the supply of its products in the domestic and foreign markets also occupy a stable position.
8079 aluminum foil added iron and silicon, the intensity of the series of aluminum foil obviously strengthened, exhibition of compression and extensional rate is good. It also has the characteristics of light shading, moisture proof, wear resistance, air tightness, fragrance, no poison and no taste. 8079 alloy is commonly used in the production of aluminum alloy foil; the state is mainly H22, H24 and some other states, in many areas to play the best performance advantages. 8079 is mainly used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, better than pure aluminum. Also, production of 8079 aluminum foil with a bright, smooth surface can be applied to food packaging, capacitor manufacturing, construction, decoration, printing and other fields.
Henan Haomei Al machinable aluminum foil thickness range is 0.018-0.2mm, width range of 100mm-1650mm, according to customer requirements can be customized different specifications, to meet the needs of the market at the same time the quality of the strict control, won the The market highly recognized.