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Mechanical Properties of 6063 Aluminum Alloy Plate manufacut

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must have certain mechanical properties. When other conditions are the same, the tensile strength and yield strength increase with the increase of the content. The strengthening phase of 6063 gold is mainly Mg2Si phase, in the end the amount of Mg, Si and Mg2Si should be taken as good? The Mg2Si phase is composed of 2 magnesium atoms with 1 silicon atoms, the relative atomic mass of magnesium is 24.3l, and the relative atomic mass of the silicon is, so the mass ratio of Mg2Si to Mg Si is 1.73:1.

Therefore, according to the above analysis result, if the ratio of magnesium and silicon content is more than 1.73, in addition to the formation of Mg2Si magnesium alloy phase, and excess magnesium, whereas the ratio is less than 1.73, indicates that the silicon in addition to the formation of Mg2Si phase, and the residual silicon.
Magnesium excess is harmful to the mechanical properties of alloys. Magnesium is generally controlled at about 0.5%, Mg2Si total control at 0.79%. The mechanical properties of 0.01% sigma when excess silicon alloy B is about 218Mpa, has greatly exceeded the standard performance, and excess silicon increased from 0.01% to 0.13%, b value can be increased to 250Mpa, which increased by 14.6%. In order to form a certain amount of Mg2Si, we must take into account the silicon loss caused by impurity content such as Fe and Mn. In order to match the magnesium in the 6063 alloy with silicon, the actual ingredients must be consciously made Mg:Si + 1.73. The excess of magnesium not only weakens the strengthening effect, but also increases the product cost.
Therefore, the composition of the 6063 alloy is generally controlled as follows: Mg:0.45%-0.65%; Si:0.35%-0.50%; Mg:Si=1.25-1.30; impurity Fe is controlled at 0.10%-0.25%; Mn < 0.10%.
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