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Market prospect of 5083 aluminum plate for truck manufacutue

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In the transport of goods vehicles, more than 85% of the body and parts can be made of aluminum alloy, and fully meet the performance requirements of the corresponding standards. In most of the developed countries, the entire aluminum has been basically completed, and the level of aluminum and even more than 85%, the lowest has more than 70%. At present, the aluminum alloy is still in the initial stage in China, but it has also made some achievements. Specific in the aluminum processing industry, is represented by the for the aluminum alloy consumption is gradually increasing, and shows a huge space for development.

The dump truck is mainly used for transportation, granular powder, the bucket is used, 5083 5A05 based aluminum products, in welding, is used in 5183 Aluminum Alloy. The bucket is used for welding aluminum 5mm. The aluminum alloy dump truck is 50% lighter than the original one, but its performance and bearing capacity can meet the requirements. Dump truck is also the main direction of the whole aluminum truck. 2009, the domestic independent research and development of all aluminum automatic loading and unloading vehicles successfully offline, technology has reached international standards. All aluminum dump truck greatly reduces the weight, energy saving, emission reduction, performance and other aspects to improve the market to meet the basic requirements of the dump truck. In this, the 5 aluminum alloy as the representative of the aluminum alloy products played an important role in the 5083.