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Lightweight starting from the nave boss of 5454 aluminum she

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Wheels are an important part of all cars. Using 5454 aluminum sheet to make the car nave boss, so that light from the start of the car hub. Aluminum alloy  is the product of car and motor bikes "high speed", "energy saving" and "modern fashion". Abroad from 1970s began to gradually promote. China began to develop in the middle of 1980s, and entered the period of great development in 1990s.
Aluminum alloy wheels are labor-intensive, material intensive, capital intensive products, but also technology intensive products. In raw materials, smelting technology, the modern treatment of aluminum liquid, casting technology (including mold), heat treatment, precision machining, coating technology and testing technology, and other aspects of higher technical content. What kind of aluminum alloy has become a problem to be solved.

Compared with 5052 antirust aluminum, the strength of the 5454 antirust aluminum is higher than 5052 about 20%. Its characteristics are similar to those of 5154, but the corrosion resistance in harsh environment is better than that of 5154 aluminum sheet. The production line of "1+1", which was put into operation by Haomei aluminum, provides a strong foundation for the large-scale production of 5454 aluminum sheets, and further ensures the good performance of the 5454 aluminum sheets. The production of 5454 aluminum sheet has O, H12, H14 and all other states. In the aspect of performance, it has high strength, high corrosion resistance, good plasticity and good processability.