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Life can not be separated from 6061 aluminum alloy plate man

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Now our basic necessities are inseparable from the application of aluminum alloy. In the past century, ordinary steel plate has been used as one of the most commonly used raw materials in the field of transportation and manufacturing. However, with the development of modern transportation industry with high speed, heavy load and light weight, ordinary steel plate has been replaced by aluminum plate, aluminum strip and aluminum foil. Many steel companies began to understand the market and production status of aluminum plate. as one of the most widely used aluminum products, the production process and product quality need to be strictly controlled.

6061 aluminum plate production process, from semi-solid slurry preparation, forms a certain alloy element content of the blank. After hot rolling and cold rolling, the edges and corners are cut and the surface is clear, so as to form a 6061 aluminum strip with a specific length and width. Through the strict quality control in the production process, the microstructure and mechanical properties of 6061 aluminum plate castings were obtained to the greatest extent. To do the mold manufacturing in the later stage, the preheating temperature is 400-425 degrees, the products produced by the compact structure, small grains, tensile properties and processing properties than ordinary steel plate is much better.
Now 6061 aluminum plate material is not only because of its high strength and good corrosion resistance, but also with the current environmental protection. As one of the top in China, the production process and technology are at the advanced level in china. The 1000 series to 8000 aluminum products are got the market and customers alike.