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Insulation aluminum coil/roll of the packing and shipping no

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The weather gradually cool, in the northern region, exposed to the outdoor water, steam, heating pipes need to carry out insulation construction, in order to protect the pipeline smoothly through the cold winter. Insulation aluminum coil insulation material is the most popular in recent years, every autumn cold season, the sales volume of aluminum insulation will be increased, all the dealers are also preparing, hope to achieve good sales performance.

Many thermal insulation aluminum coil dealers have paid more attention to sales, but after the sale of packaging, transportation and other links do not pay attention to, but also to ignore these links are likely to bring the loss. A lot of aluminum roll because of packaging, transportation is not damaged, affecting the normal use, not only affect the reputation of aluminum manufacturers, but also delay the customer's schedule, resulting in a lot of inconvenience. Below, we will talk about aluminum packaging, transport matters needing attention:

First is the packaging. According to customer needs, can the whole volume of aluminum coil insulation packaging, can be divided into small volumes, manufacturers must ask the customer to use, convenient construction of customers; small volume, conditional, best paper core, to prevent small volume deformation, or crushed and bent to seal the aluminum coil; use plastic cloth, sealed with transparent tape sealed to prevent water vapor into the aluminum coil caused by corrosion and discoloration; packaging using thick shell packaging firm, has the condition, can add a layer of kraft paper between the plastic cloth and paper shell, increase the protective effect; wrapped aluminum coil placed in wooden and steel reinforcement.

Secondly, transport. In the loading, don't let the aluminum coil by extrusion, especially small volume, easy to bend or edge collapse, affecting the normal use; but even after strict packaging, loading and transportation inevitably damaged packaging, so be careful not to spray aluminum coil, aluminum coil water; aluminum coil above don't place goods. Especially small volume without placing paper core, easy deformation, influence of construction use.