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IPhone6s with him to do it! You don't know the 7 series of a

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In order to solve the problem of bent fuselage, apple in a new generation of the iPhone to switch to the new 7 series aluminum alloy, so that higher strength must be one of the advantages of the 7 series aluminum alloy?


This is, of course, 7 series aluminum alloy is used in industry strength of aluminum alloy in the highest category, its intensity reached what we call even two-thirds of reinforcing steel bar (referred to as A3 steel industry), that is also one of the main reasons for its popularity. Change a point of view, the advantage of the 7 series aluminum alloy may be more apparent, two-thirds of the realization of A3 steel strength, but need only a third of A3 steel weight, 7 series aluminum alloy for consumer electronic products, is currently the most ideal material of metal. A further advantage of 7000 aluminum, it is a very good abrasion resistance, and this is mainly thanks to its high hardness. Had better wear resistance, the iPhone 6 s and the possibility of scratching the iPhone 6 splus's fuselage will be greatly reduced. The material in such tall, actually is what east east? Today, small make up take you to know about the 7 series aluminum you haven't to know.


7 series aluminum plate is eight series of aluminum sheet performance is one of the best in the series, represents the highest level of the current aluminum plate production process. 7 series aluminum alloy elements are mainly zinc and magnesium, as a kind of cold treatment alloy forging, strength and hardness of the 7 series aluminum plate to be much better than ordinary steel.


And the most representative in 7 series aluminum plate can be said to be 7075 aluminum plate, it is a kind of cold treatment forging alloy, high strength, high hardness, far more than mild steel. This aluminum board is superior performance, and each piece of 7075 aluminum alloy go through before they go out of ultrasonic detection, to ensure that every piece of 7075 aluminum plate is without sand holes and impurities. In addition the effect of thermal conductivity of 7075 aluminum alloy is very good, used in some special industries can largely shorten work time, improve work efficiency.


Aluminum is Al - zinc - 7075 Mg - Cu superhard aluminium, alloy 7075 is in the late 1940 s has been applied in aircraft manufacturing industry, is still widely used in aviation industry deformation of ultra high strength aluminum alloy. Its characteristic is: good plasticity after solid solution treatment, heat treatment reinforcement effect is very good, under 150 ℃ has high strength, and has very good strength at low temperature; Welding performance is insufficient; There is stress corrosion cracking tendency; Need to the package aluminum or other protective treatment. Two-stage aging alloy can be improved the ability of resistance to stress corrosion cracking. In the condition of annealing and quenching of plastic was slightly lower than the same state of 2 a12, slightly better than that of 7 a04, stress corrosion performance is better than that of 7 a04 plank.


This brand aluminum plate with a 7075 - T651 state is top grade, is praised as the most excellent products in aluminum alloy, high intensity, far more than mild steel. The alloy has good mechanical properties and the anode reaction, is a typical aerospace aluminum alloy material.


7075 - T651 aluminum alloy's mechanical properties


Tensile strength of Mpa



Yield strength Mpa



Elongation %



M3 expansion coefficient (. M3. K) ˉ 1



20 ℃ bulk conductivity IACS



20 ℃ resistivity N Ω. M



The elastic modulus E/Gpa



Hardness HB



Density kg. M ˉ 3











68 * 10 ˉ 6

















The state of the 7075 aluminum alloy


7075 state: O, T6, T73, T76 plank.


7075 state: O, T651, T7351, T7651 thick material


7075: O, T6, T173 stretching tube


7075 state: O, T6, T6510, T6511 and T73, T73510, T73511, T76, T76510, T76511 extrusion tube, type, rod, wire


7075 state: O, H13, T6, T651, T73, T7351 rolling or cold bar


7075 state: O, H13, T6 and T73 cold wire


Status: 7075 T6, T73 rivet wire


Status: 7075 F, T6, T652, T73, T7352 forgings


Typical USES of 7075 aluminum plate


Mainly applicable to: aerospace industry, such as plane, the wing wall plate, purlin, frame, etc. Blow molding (bottle) model, ultrasonic plastic welding mold, golf head, shoe's molding, paper plastic mould, foaming molding mold, wax, template, clamp, mechanical equipment, mold processing, is also used to produce high-end aluminum alloy bicycle frame.


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