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How you calculate weight of aluminum sheet

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Aluminum sheet refers to aluminum materials with thickness from 0.2 m to 200mm and length within 16000 mm. However, aluminum sheet with thicker thickness is also called aluminum plate. There is almost no different between prices of aluminum sheet and plate if only considering their thickness. Generally speaking, aluminum sheet can be divided into pure aluminum sheet, alloy sheet, thin aluminum sheet, thick aluminum sheet, aluminum tread plate, etc. aluminum sheet prices of these products are a little different according to their processing technology. So many different specifications, then how can we calculate the prices of aluminum sheet? As an aluminum manufacturer, haomei aluminium will explain the method to calculate weight of aluminum sheet.

Size of Aluminum sheet is mentioned in length , width [either in millimeters(mm) or meters(m)]
and thickness in millimeters(mm)

Base Density of Aluminum sheet - 2710 kg/cubic meter

For 6 mm thickness of sheet for dimensions length - 2438mm width -1219mm

Weight of Aluminum sheet is calculated as follows -

-Convert length and width dimensions of mm into meters
2438/1000 = 2.438m and 1219/1000 = 1.219m and 6.3/1000 = .0063m

- Area per sheet - 2.438 x 1.219 = 2.97 sq.m

- Weight = Area x thickness x density = 2.97 x .0063 x 2710 = 50.7 kgs approx.