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How to named the quality defect in the aluminum sheet produc

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Product quality defects and the defining characteristic in the process of production

Nonmetallic pressure into the aluminum sheet

Definition and features:
Non-metallic impurities into the surface of the product
Surface show obvious point or long yellow black defect

The reason :
(A) rolling engineering equipment clean:we must keep the equipment clean to produce the good aluminum coil
(B) rolling technology lubricant is not clean:we must keep the lubricant clean to produce the good aluminum coil
(C)nonmetal pumped into the  surface of the aluminum sheet in the produce line
(D) the interior of the ingot is not pure, non-metallic impurities

Metal pressure into the aluminum sheet
Definition and features:
Scrap metal or metal debris into the surface of the product
Pressure into the sag of appearing after shave off size or holes, destroy the continuity of the product surface

The reason:
(A) billet surface of metal into objects or metal scrap
(B)  billet shear or shear burr fall into the mother coil,blank coil
(C) roll or guide roller sticky aluminum
(D) in the process of rolling,the  metal debris fell on the  surface of products

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