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How to differentiate between mirror aluminum sheet

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mirror aluminum sheet divided into a variety of grades from low to high, including film mirror aluminum sheet, aluminum mirror polishing, polishing imported aluminum mirror sheet, imported anodized aluminum mirror sheet, aluminum mirror plate and super.
According to the characteristics of your products and positioning to choose suitable for your reflection board, if you want to do the quality of high-end products, then the choice of imports of the mirror, the low-end, then, on the choice of domestic. The characteristics of domestic mirror is no surface protection treatment, mirror rate will change with the change of time, low price; characteristics of imported products is divided into 86% ordinary mirror reflectivity, and 95% super mirror two grades, the price is slightly more expensive.
The best mirror is Germany and Italy, Japan's mirror is not oxidized, and the standard specification sheet material, high loss, but its unique pattern wire effect has been favored by the electronic products shell manufacturers.
Simple test method:
Imported  mirror aluminum sheet , tearing protective film, with your fingers touch the mirror, the fingers sweat will stay in the mirror above, but with a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe after the fingerprint is wiped clean, leaving no trace.
Domestic mirror plate is different, leaving the finger printed will rub the dirty, and finally can not restore the mirror effect.
There are kinds of test methods:
Place a small piece of aluminum in the ear rapid bending, if you can hear the sound of a slight tear, it is proved that the import of aluminum oxide, and vice versa is the domestic ordinary aluminum polishing plate. Because the import of the oxidized surface of aluminum plate itself will have a layer of similar corundum oxide film, because the aluminum itself and the structure of the oxide film is different, in the bending of the oxide film will burst out a slight tear.